Our Candidates are very important to us and we strongly believe in developing long-term relationships that go beyond the initial placement. We work together with you throughout your career, providing informed, honest and impartial advice giving you all the information you need when making your career choices. As we prioritise a long relationship with you as opposed to just doing the ‘deal’, you can be sure all our advice is with your best interest in mind.

We understand as a candidate you want to be listened to, so we take the time to get to know you on a personal level and your career aspirations so that we approach the right organisation, with the right culture and the right opportunity for both your career and lifestyle. We don’t like to overpromise and under deliver, so throughout the process we ensure that clear communication and feedback is given at every stage. It is important to set realistic timescales and to manage expectations in full; crucial in a fast moving industry, this is something we excel at to ensure a great candidate experience.

We are proud of our genuine relationships with candidates, many of those we place in new roles eventually come back to us to utilise our services as they progress through their careers and need to grow their own teams.

Proactive Search

Our clients come to us knowing they are guaranteed seasoned judgement and high quality, objective advice. As result of this a number of our placements originate from roles created and tailored to accommodate the top talent we introduce to them. We operate in a candidate driven market, with organisations seeking the best talent and as such they partner with us as we can assess what makes a good acquisition for them in terms of skill set, ambition, cultural fit and cost.

Career Advice

We take the time to listen to you and invest extensively in our associates to ensure they understand all the influences and drivers associated with your market area. Once we have established your key criteria, we will do our best to advise you on the right course of action, understanding personal motivations and conducting salary surveys to ensure you feel secure and confident when making career moves.

CV Presentation

We review hundreds of CVs per week and advise all our candidates on both minor or major amendments; after all your CV essentially is your first interview, so from our initial contact, through the interview process and beyond, our associates will work with you on tailoring your CV to make it as attractive and alluring as possible to a perspective client.

Interview Techniques

Interviews can take many different formats, with each client having their own unique take on questions posed. We benefit from long term relationships and deep insight into our clients built over years of working with them. This gives you a competitive edge as we will advise you on who you will meet, what to expect, preparation you can do in advance and techniques for making a good impression.

Candidate Care

  • Engage

    From the moment you engage with us, we strive to understand and pinpoint your individual needs. Our qualification process is based on two parts. We establish your technical capabilities and your motivations and match you with a company that has the environment that allows your talents to develop and flourish, with the right cultural fit and career progression opportunities.

  • Deliver

    We do our best to find you the right job, in the shortest time; prioritising finding the ‘right’ job. Our service goes beyond identifying you with the right opportunities. You are our client too; so we negotiate your job and salary package with you in mind; guide you through the resignation process and make sure you are happy with your start date and contract. Our commitment to long term relationships means for us our contact and service does not end when you say ‘Yes’ to your new position, we are there for you throughout your career.

  • Our Commitment to you

    We believe in looking after our network of candidates and building relationships that last through their career, as such we will adhere to the following: –

    • We will be honest and up front at all times.
    • We hold all your personal information in strict confidence.
    • We will operate with the upmost professionalism.
    • You will work with a designated associate who will work closely with you to offer a dedicated and personalised job search.
    • We will negotiate your salary / rates based on your ability and not just your experience in years.