Outsourcing of recruitment only reaps long term success if the recruitment partner fully understands the client in all facets – business processes, cycles and critically the culture of the company.

We understand your employees form the key asset which generates revenue and sustains your organisation and where there is no dedicated internal recruitment function, resourcing talent can become very time consuming and affect business optimisation. By concentrating on core competencies and structuring central functions to provide an internal business service, the opportunity arises to outsource recruitment and many companies within our market are taking this opportunity.

The guiding ethos for all of our managed recruitment services is: The business service is the priority. We work closely and transparently with all client stakeholders to deliver our service. We are clear about our responsibilities and set up robust governance to manage it.

Depending on the type of business, number of employees and recruitment requirements we will compile the right mix of services for your organisation to ensure your business is attractive to top talent and can retain them.

To find out more about managed recruitment services with Bavana Partner or for specific advice on your requirements please contact us.