The process of identifying, assessing and selecting outstanding corporate leaders is far from simple, and the challenge made greater by a skills gap in the market. Nevertheless, when executed well, executive search has no substitute.

Our approach to executive search targets the most appropriate candidates for your role, whether they are actively looking for a new position or not. We recognise that appointing an effective leader will have a positive impact on achieving corporate objectives, and as such we thoroughly assess all candidates we shortlist.

We work diligently at pace but always remain focused on the business outcome, collaborating with internal stakeholders from the outset. We pride ourselves on integrity, so we will tell clients if we cannot succeed in executing an assignment for them. However when we do take on an assignment, we tenaciously pursue getting the search closed and go above and beyond normal practice. There are numerous assignments we have closed in which the candidate hiring could not have happened without us.

We deliver by combining our knowledge of successful industry players with comprehensive and discreet research into the competition and other target organisations. We identify individuals with the desired skill-sets, knowledge and personality fit who will excel in the role.

We appreciate and embrace the need for diversity in leadership and engage not only more female and minority executives but also leaders offering an alternative mix of experiences, approaches and problem-solving styles.

We can tailor our process to suit the needs and constraints of any assignment, but our key success factors remain the same:

  • Thorough understanding of the business objectives driving the role and the culture of the organisation
  • Progress monitoring, flexibility and on-going dialogue to handle changes and issues as they arise
  • Certified Psychometric Profiling
  • An agreed plan for the assignment with interim reporting and shortlist interview dates pre-booked
  • Executive On boarding
  • Leadership Diversity
  • Counter-offer contingency planning